Phase III Remediation addresses the actual physical clean-up or mitigation of environmental contamination on the subject property. Sources of contamination may include underground tank or clarifier leaks, process spills, or illegal dumping, etc., and may impact soil and groundwater.

Remedial action is typically conducted in conjunction with oversight by a regulatory agency, and may involve a shallow excavation of contaminated soil or deep in-situ removal or destruction of contamination.

Clean-up and remediation of a property can be a costly proposition requiring the talents of expert professionals in many specialized fields and it is important to have a qualified consultant "on your side" to ensure that efficient and cost-effective solutions are designed to balance the client's needs with the regulator's demands. Centec Engineering's staff of geologists and engineers can provide design and implementation of soil and groundwater remediation systems that may include pump and treat/dual-phase extraction technologies, vapor extraction, in-situ bio-remediation or chemical oxidation, or excavation and disposal.

We specialize in cost-effective solutions, and have received well over 100 "case closures" from regulatory agencies on the various gas stations, dry cleaners, and commercial/industrial sites our clients have trusted to us. Please feel free to call with questions you may have regarding work completed or proposed by other consultants, or with site-specific concerns you may have.